Matthew McConaughey – Top 10 Film Roles

Opinions – we all got ’em…Even Trial By Films does.  When we do, we’ll let you know. This is one of those times.

With the release of The Dark Tower this weekend, 2017 marks 25 years on the big screen for Matthew McConaughey.  Looking back on McConaughey’s career, he has had unique career arc marked with iconic roles and memorable films and hitchaboos.  Making his debut in Richard Linklater’s 1993 indie cult-smash Dazed and Confused, he quickly moved onto leading man roles in the mid-90s.  Winning People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2005 brought along a rom-com typecasting pattern that would have ended many lesser actor’s careers. Dramatically shifting his film choices in the last several years towards smaller dramatic fare brought the rise of ‘the McConnaisance’, peaking with his win for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his performance in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club.

In his film career, McConaughey has touched on nearly every genre under the sun; from drama to comedy, rom-com and horror.  In the last couple years, the shine of ‘the McConnaisance’ has lost its’ luster with a string of duds (The Sea of Trees, Free State of Jones, and Gold).  The Dark Tower, his 42nd theatrical film release, will likely not be making any top 10 lists, but here is hoping that he can get out of his recent slump.  Next up for the Texan is the crime drama White Boy Rick, slated for release in early 2018; followed by the noir-thriller Serenity.

The following are the top 10 film roles of Matthew McConaughey’s illustrious film career. Note that only film roles are included, so his Emmy nominated turn as Rust Cohle in the first season of HBO’s True Detective was not eligible for inclusion. Press on each photo below to see it’s rank and a bit about the role.



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  1. Jenny B says:

    His role in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” doesn’t get a nod? But I don’t understand.


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