Week in Review: 7/17/17

A quick recap in the happenings on Trial By Films over the past week…along with elsewhere in the film industry.


Free Fire8/10 – Ben Wheatley continues making a name for himself with the genre-pleasing action/comedy Free Fire.  Relying less on story, and more on hilariously dirty dialogue, gratuitous violence, and talented character actors; Free Fire is an action-packed 90 minute crowd pleaser.

Treasure Planet: 7/10 -Treasure Planet puts its’ source material to good use, and the directing team of Musker and Clements formulates an engrossing storyline though its’ defined characters. Regardless of the positives, Treasure Planet is kept from being a must-see because the production tinkered too much with the setting and animation to vie for something original and evolved; and turned it into a finished project that felt conflicted and disparate.

New Trailers From This Week:


The Disaster Artist: Early reviews point to this project directed by and starring James Franco as being some of the best work of his career.  Make sure to watch The Room first; the insane film and equally absurd production being chronicled.

Bright:  Accomplished director? David Ayer – Check. Big name cast? Will Smith and Joel Edgerton – Check.  Intriguing Premise? Cop action film in an alternate reality where humans and magical creatures coexist – Check.  Well executed?  At least from the trailer – no…this looks like a dud.

The Shape of Water: This upcoming fantasy romance from writer/director/storyteller extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro is a fairytale told against the backdrop of the Cold War.   Looks to be in a similar vein as del Toro’s best film to date – Pan’s Labyrinth.  That alone makes this one worth keeping an eye on.

Alpha: Survival in the unforgiving times of the early ice age.  We couldn’t even make it through the entire 2 1/2 minute trailer.  This looks so, so stupid.

Other Interesting Film News:

Disney’s D23 Expo:  What was the biggest news from this week’s expo – Toy Story 4?  The Incredibles 2?  News on the upcoming Avengers – Infinity War?

Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Like Netflix:  Netflix (and other streaming services) are great in bringing films to viewers that otherwise wouldn’t find audiences; but Nolan is has a point. There is no replacing the theater experience; and Netflix’s cutthroat approach is in opposition with the spirit of filmmaking.

New Movies in Theaters Worth Seeing:

Christopher Nolan’s newest epic is worth spending the admission price on.  Also, Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre and actress Jenny Slate are back together with Landline.



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