Week in Review: 7/10/17

A quick recap in the happenings on Trial By Films over the past week…along with elsewhere in the film industry.


T2 Trainspotting:  5/10 – Without a story worth telling, T2 Trainspotting is a revisit with familiar characters without purpose.  Never able to channel the frenzied energy that made the original a cultural touchstone, the best T2 Trainspotting does is remind viewers of that iconic film that they should go rewatch instead.


Shia LaBeouf is Letting His Demons Overwhelm His Talents:  At only 31 years old, Shia LaBeouf has already made a lasting impact on the film industry with his performances in films such as A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and American Honey.  His turbulent personal life and run-ins with the law are threatening to unseat his career.


2016 Hitchaboos:  Check out what the top ten films of last year were!

2016 Hitchaboo – Trivia:  Some trivia about last years best films.  Find out which actors were featured in multiple films, and what director has won his second career Golden Hitchaboo!

2014 Hitchaboos Update: After the recently published review, Force Majeure has been newly added as a 2014 Honorable Mention

2007 Hitchaboos Update: After the recently published review, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly has been categorized as a 2007 Hitchaboo.  This has pushed Superbad out of the Top 10 and into the Honorable Mentions category, and in turn; pushed Into The Wild out of the Honorable Mentions.

New Trailers From This Week:


Darkest Hour:  Gary Oldman stars in this Winston Churchill biopic from director Joe Wright (Hanna, Anna Karenina) and screenwriter Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything).  Being released in prime Oscar watch season, Oldman looks to maybe have the role of a lifetime.  Can he ride this performance to his first Academy Award?

Dave Made a Maze:  This horror comedy premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival back in January.  Looks inventive and absurdist; and with innovative production design, could be a fun watch later this summer.

Other Interesting Film News:

Live Action Aladdin Can’t Find It’s Star – Disney’s next live action adaptation can’t find its titular star, and is now pushing back the start of production.  I’m sure they’ll find someone, but what reason does this project exist other than money?  Nice to see Power Ranger‘s Naomi Scott being looked at for the role of Jasmine.

Frank Darabont Rages Over Email – Famed director of The Shawshank Redemption went full psycho after differences arose over production of early seasons of The Walking Dead. Interesting to get a look behind the curtain at some of the egos in Hollywood. Dude should take a chill pill and get back to directing.  It’s been 10 years since his last film (The Mist) was released.

Redbox Inks Exclusive Distribution with Fox – It’s 2017 – who is still using blu-rays and DVDs?

New Movie in Theaters Worth Seeing:

Two worthy contenders this weekend – take your pick : Indie rom-com or Sci-Fi Blockbuster




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